I travelled to Barcelona to take part in SafeSurfing project discussions. I went with Laura and Lara who work with me at Mencap. We talked about the upcoming training sessions on online safety with the other partners from Spain and Poland.

I have actually been to Barcelona three times, I have been on holiday there before but this time was a bit different because I was working.

There was just a small group of people in the meeting but we still got together and talked about how we were going to do the online training, which we are delivering to a lot of people in our countries.

I am going to assist with the training, we will use a laptop and software called WebEx, to train people with a learning disability to do the course.

The training is about how to use the internet safely on your own, for example what not to put online about yourself and how to respond to strangers. You can register here.

Everyone liked socialising in the city, we went out for dinner at a local restaurant and I ate octopus, it was nice. We walked for miles after dinner to let it digest, that tired me out! 

We looked at the gothic quarters of the city and we went near the cathedrals and buildings like the Gaudi buildings which stood in the city centre. 

On the second day we had lunch and went to the local park and where the shops are. The city is a huge but a spacious place with excellent architecture and quite a lot of churches and museums to look at and people seemed more relaxed there.

I went on the metro which is the city’s underground quite a lot and on the bus twice,  It was a much quicker experience than using public transport in the UK.

I will probably be going to Poland in June and Brussels in the autumn to meet the other partners again. I feel nervous but it should be a good life experience.


You can register for the online training here!

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