My name is Nikki and I am part of the Islington social crew, which is a Me Time group. I do drama, radio and DJ-ing with the group.

I think I like DJ-ing the best but it can be hard. We have to be able to follow the track being played so we can mix a new track in; otherwise people would head off the dance floor. You really have to think on your feet.

I love live music and going to gigs. My favourite band at the moment is Dorey The Wise, who are an indie rock band from Hastings. I’ve been a fan since August last year. I’ve seen them live twice and they are great. Brave New Light is probably my favourite song.  I found out about the band because I’m a big Keane fan and they supported Keane.  

Johnny, who leads the Islington social crew said it would be a good idea if the band came up to London, this made me really excited. I emailed Dorey and they got back to me in a few hours saying yes!

With Johnny’s help I have organised a gig with Dorey The Wise. I want to use the event to raise money for Gig Buddies, an organisation that enables people with a learning disability to go to gigs with a volunteer. 

Sometimes people have to leave gigs early because their carer stops getting paid at nine and they don’t have anyone to support them. It’s not a problem for me but it is for other people and I want others to be able to stay out late too.

I have been spreading the word about the gig. I have invited my Facebook friends and my family. I have invited a community nurse that I know and Adele who runs my power and control group. You can come too!

I’m really looking forward to the gig. I’m going to be setting up the venue and then I am going to present Dorey The Wise. I’m even going to meet the band backstage! 

Johnny is amazing and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without his help. Thank you Johnny! 

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