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Celebrate the love: One year on

14 February 2016
Chantal Scurr

Last year I filmed five couples to create the Celebrate the love video for Valentine's day, which celebrated how love doesn't discriminate. This blog catches up with some of the couples one year on to find out how they are doing.

Daniel and Sarah

Daniel and Sarah

Daniel and Sarah have great news, they are on an extra-care housing list and are hoping they can move in some time this year. It is still being built at the moment so no one quite knows when it’ll be ready to move into. They are very excited. They have bought each other presents for Valentine’s Day and are going out for a meal together at a pub they like.  

Daniel and Sarah in a pub

Celia and Adrian

A huge congratulations is in order for Celia and Adrian because they got married this year! Happy Valentines Day to the newlyweds. 

Tom and Ailis 
Alish and Tom


We have moved north to sunny Leeds and into a lovely house and are super happy! We have upgraded to a dishwasher, but now instead of complaining about my dishwashing technique it's my dishwasher stacking technique that winds Tom up! There's no pleasing some people!

Ailish and Tom in a park

Bryan and Carol

Bryan and Carol

Carol celebrated her 60th birthday this year so she is planning a trip to Benidorm with Bryan. This Valentine's day the couple are joining the rest of their house to go out for dinner. Their house has recently changed to a supported living model, which means Carol is better off financially.  

Carol and Bryan on holiday

Elsie and Adam

Elsie and Adam

Elsie and Adam have some very exciting news ... they are expecting a baby, due in June! Congratulations Elsie and Adam. 

Happy Valentines day everybody! 

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