The Trust Club is a new idea. What it will become is up to its members; Mencap Trust settlors, beneficiaries and the important people in their lives. 

We’ve made a start by meeting up at Southampton Mencap’s Café Down the Lane, to have a chat over tea and cake.

How the day went

Sitting on the train, dry mouthed from eating too much sugar for one afternoon, I’m smiling to myself.

Today I met a fantastic group of talented young bakers who cooked up a storm to give us the best cream tea I’ve ever had. 

There was a selection of sandwiches followed by scones (plain and fruit), lemon drizzle cake and carrot cake.  All made fresh, just for us, and set out in the prettiest crockery and on the prettiest table clothes.


The occasion was the first ever Trust Club local get together. 

A big thank you to the 12 people who came long and made the afternoon such a happy one. It was lovely to hear connections being made.  For me it was really special to put faces to familiar names.

A very special thank you to the bakers at JubyLee Bakes who supplied our baked treat gift bags. You have certainly inspired your fellow bakers at Café down the lane. 

Maybe we should get you all together for a bake-off!

Find out more

Discretionary trust law is powerful. 

To find out more call the Trust Office on 020 7696 6932 or visit

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