Meet the Mencap Trust Company team and find out what each of them do.

Julie Schwarz TEP – Trust Director

Julie Schwarz

Julie joined Mencap in 2008 as a senior member of the Finance Directorate. She took up directorship of Mencap Trust Company in 2012, and has overall responsibility for ensuring the company is run professionally and effectively. Her priority is to ensure that the needs of individual beneficiaries are at the heart of trust activity, as well as working to ensure that every family who could benefit from the trust knows that it is there. Julie is a qualified accountant with further qualifications in trust and estate administration and trust taxation. Julie is accountable to the Mencap Trust Company Board.  

Robin Hume – Trust Relationship Manager

Robin Hume

Robin has previously worked and volunteered for Mencap and comes to us from Barnados, where he worked as a children’s advocate. Robin focuses on building strong relationships with each beneficiary, their families and other important people in their lives.

Robin enjoys helping beneficiaries to ask for the things they want from the Trust.

Valerie – Active Trust Administrator

Valerie, Mencap Trust Company

Valerie joined Mencap Trust Company in 2008 and is the longest serving member of the team. She is responsible for receiving requests for funds from beneficiaries or their support/care staff, ensuring the requests are in line with company policy and processing payments from each Trust fund.  Each request is carefully considered on an individual basis before a decision is reached.   Valerie also visits beneficiaries and helps to ensure they maintain regular and easy access to their Trust. Valerie enjoys the regular contact she has with beneficiaries, their families and support staff.

Ransirini - Trust Deed Administrator

Ransirini, Mencap Trust Company

Ransirini joined Mencap Trust Company in 2011. She is responsible for ensuring that all trust deeds are correctly completed, sealed and securely stored. Trust deed documentation is reviewed every two years and she regularly updates information about each beneficiary and the important people in their life.

Ransirini regularly talks to families and solicitors, supporting them step by step from initial enquiry through to deed set up.

Aisha – External Communications Lead

Aisha Balesaria

Aisha joined the team in March 2016. Aisha’s main role includes marketing Mencap Trust Company to families, wills and trust professionals and the wider learning disability community. She designs some of the Trust’s promotional material and works with colleagues across Mencap to manage the Trust’s social media, web pages and events. Like everyone in the team, Aisha meets the beneficiaries face-to-face. This is her favourite part of the job.

Vijay - Admin Assistant

Vijay, Mencap Trust Company

Vijay started off as a Mencap Young Ambassador, which was a great opportunity to get involved in many things that Mencap does. He continues to enjoy volunteering for Mencap, especially campaigning. Before joining Mencap Trust Company, Vijay worked at Wetherspoons. His hobbies include playing football, ten pin bowling, socialising with friends, watching TV and listening to music. Vijay enjoys the way the Trust Team work together and always help each other.

Reece - Admin Assistant

Reece, Mencap Trust Company

Reece came to us through Mencap’s Employment Team. He was encouraged to apply by his job advisor. Before joining Mencap Trust Company, Reece worked in the music industry for SO Empire, a small talent management company in London. Reece has a keen interest in music and is forever going to concerts and festivals. His favourite band is Pendulum, and always will be. Reece enjoys the fact that no 2 days are the same, and that there is so much to learn.   

Rabecca - Trust Accountant

Rabecca joined Mencap Trust Company in 2017. She brings years of experience and knowledge of finance in private and charity organisations. She is responsible for maintaining the financial records of each individual trust. Rabecca also meets the beneficiaries and is passionate about making a difference for people with a learning disability.

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