What is the Better Together information pack?

When it comes to supporting people to live the best lives possible we know that we are better together with the families and friends of the people we support.

Our Better Together information pack helps us to ensure that we understand what people want from their support, and to make sure that families and friends know how we will help them to make it happen.

What is the pack for?

You may be looking to access this pack because you are the family member or friend of a person we already support, or because you may be thinking about this in future.

Written in consultation with families, the Better Together information pack gives you the information you need to know about Mencap services, and how we can work together, including:

  • Who we are, and the services we provide to support people with a learning disability
  • How we support people with the things that matter to them
  • How our colleagues are trained to provide the best possible before.
  • How we work together with family and friends
  • How we work together with other organisations to ensure the quality of the support that we provide.

Who is the pack for?

The Better Together information pack has been developed for families of people we support and people who may be considering our services in future.

The pack is now given as a hard copy to all new families of people we support, but is available here at all times for you to access when you need it most.

We hope the pack provides you with the information you need to know about how we can work to be better together.

Download the Better Together information pack

The Better Together pack has been split into different documents, each covering a different area of information about Mencap and our services; including how we work with the people we support, and the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with their family and friends.

There are a number of documents which apply across England, Wales and Norther Ireland. These appear underneath the "All" heading below:


The above pack has also been translated in to Welsh, which you can view below:


England, Wales and Northern Ireland

There are some additional documents which only apply to specific regions. These are set out underneath the specific headings below:

How to get the support you need

Contact the Learning Disability Helpline, our advice and support line, for guidance and information about what support we can offer you.

Or why not take a look at FamilyHub? This is our online community for parents and family carers of people with a learning disability, and is a place for sharing experiences, advice and support.

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