Annual Health Checks

Do you have a learning disability or support someone who does? By adding your name to the learning disability register you can get better healthcare - and you could have a free Annual Health Check.

Scroll down to access our Don't Miss Out guides and resources via the link. 


Don't Miss Out - get better healthcare

Going to the doctor is not always easy if you have a learning disability. 

By joining the learning disability register you can get:

  • extra support when you visit your doctor - including making an appointment
  • support to understand your doctor and your information
  • more time to talk about how you are feeling. 

You may also be able to have to an Annual Health Check. Watch our video to find out more. 

Be happy. Be healthy. Don't miss out. 

Cartoon image of two people shaking hands in a doctor's office.

About Don't Miss Out

We want a world where people with a learning disability access the very best healthcare available. Yet too many people with a learning disability miss out on this because they're not on the learning disability register. 

Anyone of any age and any level of disability can join the learning disability register and get extra support. It's better to join early so that adjustments and support are put in place before a person starts using adult services. 

We've worked with NHS England to produce two videos and a series of guides called Don't Miss Out that show the benefits of being on the learning disability register - which could include getting an Annual Health Check. 

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