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Writing a CV

One of the first things you might want to think about is writing a CV.

A CV is a written description of your education, achievements, and previous employment. It’s used to show someone who you are and what you can do. If you haven’t had a job before or don’t have qualifications, don’t worry – there are many types of experience you can list on your CV to show what your skills and interests are.

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Working & benefits

Many people with a learning disability access money and benefits in order to be independent and to live the life they choose.

If you're worried about how working could affect your benefits, we have lots of information here or you can call us on 0808 808 1111

Having a job is about more than earning money. It’s about feeling valued, independent and fulfilled.

Most people with a learning disability want to get a job, and can make excellent employees -as long as they are given the right support. If you have a learning disability, Mencap can help you get the support you need to be successful in the world of work, whether it’s work experience placement, internships, apprenticeships or on-the-job coaching.

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We know finding work can be a big challenge if you have a learning disability, but we can help.

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