Changes to the Care Act

The government has passed a new law called the Coronavirus Act. This gives emergency powers to help the NHS and other public services cope with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

One area the new law covers is the Care Act and people's right to be assessed for social care and to get the support they need.

Local authorities should do everything they can to continue to meet their duties under the Care Act, but the new law gives local authorities emergency powers that they can use if they need them. For example if large numbers of care staff are ill with the virus and the council is struggling to support everyone. If used, the powers mean councils can ​prioritise who gets support, they will not have to do detailed assessments of people's care and support needs as they do under the Care Act and they may not have to deliver all the support a person needs.

Mencap is concerned about these powers, but they may not be used. The government is asking a huge amount of people with a learning disability and their families, having to stay at home, which can be very difficult. Any cuts to support could be very damaging and we believe the government should be giving people more support at this difficult time, not less.

We will be watching carefully to see what happens, and are here to give advice and support to anyone who is worried by or impacted by these changes, if they are brought in.

To help, we have created an information and advice resource on this which includes background information as well as answers to questions that we think people will have around these changes. We've also created an easy read guide to the Care Act changes for you to use.

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