Round the world challenge is all about turning hours of fun sports and physical activities into a round the world adventure. Hours of activities = distance travelled.

Register your interest in taking part by contacting us:

Choose your adventure

You can choose from three different routes:

  • UK route: 20 hours activity
  • Europe: 40 hours activity
  • World route: 60 hours activity



Round the world challenge - FAQs

Who is it for and where does it take place?

Round the world challenge allows groups and individuals of any age and ability to take part, choosing fun, physical activities that will make up their journey. The activities can take place within your group and within the local community. 

What activities can be done for the challenge?

Any form of physical activity can help you complete the challenge and you can do this in a group or on your own at any time, any place.

What resources are available?

We have created these resources to help you on your adventure:

  • Journey pack containing the information for the challenge
  • Maps of the three routes
  • Passports for participants to track their journeys
  • Postcards to act as rewards
  • Certificate on completion

How do I get involved?

Please contact us to find out how you can start your journey and what support we can provide you:

What is happening at the moment?

So far over 600 people have signed up to the round the world challenge from Mencap groups, Mencap services and external organisations. The challenge is currently running in South Yorkshire, Merseyside, Tyne & Wear, Oxford, Greater Manchester, Birmingham and Hampshire & Isle of Wight.

See the social media feed below to find out what activities participants have taken part in. Why not get involved and show us your journey using #RTWC.

Your Round the world challenge stories

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