The Right Place project

Supported by funding from the Department for Education, we are working with employers and education providers across England with the aim of securing work placements for 850 young people with a learning disability by March 2018. 

If you are a college or other education provider supporting students with SEND on study programmes, we can provide you with access to agreed work placements with employers, and with support to manage them effectively through The Right Place project.  

How the project works

We use our extensive employer engagement contacts to broker work placements to build up a bank of available placements your students can choose from; or work directly with specific employers in response to individual student need.

We pass placements on to you, and you will match available SEND students into placements and support them in the workplace.  We will also give you guidance and information on developing your own links with employers for placements.

Placement detail

Placements are available for students with SEND on study programmes, aged between 16 and 25 (except traineeships).

We will arrange placements of varying lengths:

  • Short term placements of between 2-6 weeks. These will be initial tasters to give students experience in a workplace, and to offer an insight into the kind of work the student wants to do.
  • Medium term placements of 6 to 12 weeks. These will offer a more intensive work experience and a greater chance to learn relevant work skills.
  • Long term placements of 6 months or more. These are for students on Supported Internships or similar study programmes. Ideally, these long term placements will lead to a paid role.

What we expect from you

Students are not expected to take up all three types of work placement. You’ll need to agree with students the most suitable type of placement to meet their work goals and learning needs.

We expect demand for work placements to outstrip supply on this project. We are asking colleges and other education providers to pass an initial due diligence and complete an online e-learning module. We are also asking you to commit to person-centred placement planning, job coaching for the student on their placement and support for the employer to make the placement a success.

Support available

As well as the placements we’ll provide you with other support too. We have regionally based staff across England, and once through our due diligence process, you’ll have a named contact.

They can help you make employer links, develop your job coaching approaches and iron out any problems with the employer or the work placement.

We have developed an online e-learning module which provides information and guidance:

  • Person centred assessment and placement planning
  • Employer engagement
  • Job coaching in the workplace
  • Employer support

The module will be available from July 2017, and also includes downloadable resources for you to keep.

Find out more

Launch events 

We are launching The Right Place with interested colleges and education providers in these areas:

  • 12 July 2017, Darlington
  • 13 July 2017, Manchester
  • 18 July 2017, Taunton
  • 19 July 2017, Birmingham
  • 21 July 2017, London
  • 19 September 2017, Ipswich

For more detail and to book a place at one of the events, contact:


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