What is Virtual Challenge Week?

Challenge week takes place from Monday 24th January to Thursday 27th January. On Friday 28th January we'll have a special online awards ceremony for those who have taken part.

The virtual challenge will feature skills challenges that participants can do at home (or wherever they want to do it), with whatever objects they may have in their house or community setting.

The challenges will vary from day to day!

Take part!

The first 100 organisations to sign up before the 14th January will receive a sports equipment goody bag. Entries to take part will remain open until the 21st January.

All the information you need

Click each of the headings below to find out more about the Virtual Challenge Week, including how the event works, what you need to do if you're taking part and easy read guides to explain each activity.

How it works

Players in registered teams get to choose between 4 levels of competition depending on their ability, and the challenges are designed to ensure they are suitable for everyone with a learning disability to compete in.

A team can be an organisation, service, sports club or any kind of inclusive group and you can have any number of players taking part for your team. 

When completing the challenge, players will earn points for their team, which will create an overall winning team at the end of the week – announced at a glitzy awards ceremony on the afternoon of the 28th of January.

The scores will be averaged out across the organisation, so if you have 100 members who would like to take part, or just a handful – the event will be competitive and exciting!

All kinds of sport related prizes will be up for grabs for your group or organisation. 

About the activities

You can download the virtual challenge activities here.

You can also find helpful videos on how to complete each challenge here 

Each day of the competition will revolve around a different skill, important for sport and physical activity. The skills can be done in any environment, using any equipment. Each activity has different skill levels, so everyone can take part.

·        Monday:  Movement - 1 minute workout!

·        Tuesday:  Throwing – Hit the target!

·        Wednesday: Hitting – Hole in one!

·        Thursday:  Kicking – The football ladder!

·        Friday: Awards ceremony

So take a look at the activities and start practicing so you are ready to give your best during the activity week!

Upload your scores

Please make sure that during the week one person from your team records the scores of everyone in their team using the score sheet that they will have received from the Mencap Sport Team.

Each day you can upload your team's scores using this quick online form

The scores will be averaged out across the organisation, so if you have 100 members who would like to take part, or just a handful – the event will be competitive and exciting!

You can keep an eye on your competitors in our leaderboard (see below on this page) which will be updated throughout the week!

Activity Resource cards

These resource cards show you how to do each daily activity for the virtual challenge week.



 Any questions?

 For further information please email sport@mencap.org.uk.

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