Welcome to Virtual Challenge Week!

Mencap and Special Olympics GB’s virtual challenge week is funded by Westfield Health and takes place from Monday 25 to Friday 29 January 2021.

It is a free, online, competition where teams complete different skills and challenges each day to earn points.

If you are taking part in the week, please upload your team's scores each day using our quick online form.

There is more information about the event and each daily activity, further down this webpage.

Upload your results!

All the information you need

Click each of the headings below to find out more about the Virtual Challenge Week, including how the event works, what you need to do if you're taking part and easy read guides to explain each activity.

How it works

Players in registered teams get to choose between 4 levels of competition depending on their ability, and the challenges are designed to ensure they are suitable for everyone with a learning disability to compete in.

A team can be an organisation, service, sports club or any kind of inclusive group and you can have any number of players taking part for your team. 

When completing the challenge, players will earn points for their team, which will create an overall winning team at the end of the week – announced at a glitzy awards ceremony on the afternoon of Friday 29 January.

The scores will be averaged out across the organisation, so if you have 100 members who would like to take part, or just a handful – the event will be competitive and exciting!

All kinds of sport related prizes will be up for grabs, including the chance to win equipment or specialist coaching for your group or organisation. Everyone who signs up to compete will get a certificate and some goodies to help them during the week.

About the activities

Each day of the competition will revolve around a different skill, important for sport and physical activity.

All of these are designed to be done in any environment, using any equipment.

It could be a ball of socks and a dustbin in your living room, or a basketball and hoop on a court.

The timetable of activities is as follows:

  • Monday: Movement
  • Tuesday: Throwing
  • Wednesday: Hitting
  • Thursday: Kicking
  • Friday: Showcase and awards.

We've also created these cards to explain each activity (PDF) which you can use throughout the week.

We will also be adding video demonstrations of each activity here shortly, so you can see examples of what you need to do.

Upload your scores

Please make sure that during the week one person from your team records the scores of everyone in their team using the score sheet that they will have received from the Mencap Sport Team.

Each day you can upload your team's scores using this quick online form

The scores will be averaged out across the organisation, so if you have 100 members who would like to take part, or just a handful – the event will be competitive and exciting!

You can keep an eye on your competitors in our leaderboard (see below on this page) which will be updated throughout the week!

Resources to help you

Use these resource cards as a guide to each activity that you need to do throughout the virtual challenge week (PDF).

We will also be linking to demonstration videos for each activity from this page shortly. 

Daily Leaderboard

We'll be taking your scores every day and using them to update this leaderboard so you can see which teams are in the top 10. 











We'll also be adding the full list of teams and their scores for you to download daily, so you can see all the rankings and how they change throughout week.

 Any questions?

 For further information please email sport@mencap.org.uk.

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