Transition and further education

Transition is the process of planning for the future as you get older

Some of the biggest decisions you and your child will make during transition is whether they will stay at school until they are 16 or 19, and what they will choose to do once they have finished school.

Education, college and work experience

Find out more about the options available to your son or daughter when they leave school.

Residential college

Some young people may decide to continue their education up to the age of 25 at a residential college.


Leaving school and moving into adult life can be an exciting and challenging time for young people and their parents, with lots of changes and choices to be made about the future.

A parent's story: coping with transition

The changes during transition did make me worry about being isolated in the future - but we coped, because that's what we've always done.

A parent's story: moving into adult services

Some things have definitely changed in my relationship with my son as he has grown up. I have found life much more difficult since he reached 21 and was no longer offered education.

A parent's story: further education

Because I had an older disabled child I knew more about what to expect during this stage, and I was aware that my son would be coming into transition at 13.