Community care assessments

Community care is help that is provided to people in need to help them live as independently as possible. This may include getting help with housing, healthcare and finding a job, as well as many other areas of a person's life.

Getting the help you need is incredibly important. With proper support, people with a learning disability can get the things they want out of life, and parents and carers can get the support and breaks they deserve. If you are entitled to help, you should ask for it.

A community care assessment will consider the needs of the person with a learning disability and the rest of their family. Although the assessment can seem daunting at first, it is your family's best opportunity to explain your needs and your hopes for the future. A person with a learning disability can ask for a community care assessment themselves, or a parent, carer or professional can request one on their behalf.

Alongside his support workers, my wife and I are still the most important people in our son's life, but he is happy with his freedom and so are we.

These pages will explain how the assessment will take place, who will be involved and what areas of your life you and your child will be asked to talk about. It also provides information on how to complain if you feel your child's assessment has not met their needs. Throughout the guide you will find links to other useful organisations and websites, as well as advice from people who have been through the assessment process themselves.

These pages contain lots of information on action you can take. You can also find a short explanation of important words and phrases in the ‘key words' section, and look for the What next? sign for things you can do.

This information is also available to download as a PDF.


Understanding community care

Community care is help that is provided for people in need to help them live as independently as possible and take part in their local community.

What is in the community care assessment?

Social services will want to find out about all the different areas of your son or daughter's life.

Tips on preparing for an assessment

Read our top tips for preparing for a community care assessment.

What happens after the assessment?

After a community care assessment your son or daughter will receive a care plan from social services.

The main things you need to know

There are five important things you should know when getting a community care assessment.

Charges for services

Social services can charge your son or daughter for the services provided in the care plan.

Reviews and changes to your care plan

The care plan should tell you how often your child's situation will be reviewed.

Making a complaint

If you disagree with anything that is written in your child's assessment, or if they have been refused services that they have asked for, you can make a complaint.

Key words

Get definitions of some of the key words you might hear when getting a community care assessment.

Further help

Find out where you can get further information and advice.