For professionals

Advice and good practice for professionals working with people with a learning disability.

More about learning disability

Information on the prevalence of learning disability in the UK is outlined here.


People with a learning disability often experience poorer health and poorer healthcare than the general population.


The following resources and organisations are available to help you learn more about communicating with people with a learning disability, and how to make your existing communication materials more accessible.

PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities)

This section is aimed at professionals who work with or support people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD).


Only 1 in 10 people with a learning disability are in employment.

Working with black and minority ethnic (BME) communities

Families from BME communities who are caring for someone with a learning disability face the same difficulties as other people - but these problems are often compounded by additional factors.

Standards of care

Find out more about current legislation and research here.


The personalisation agenda is leading some of the changes happening in social care today.

Person-centred approaches

The essence of being person-centred is that it is individual to, and owned by, the person being supported.

General resources

A selection of resources that have been produced for use by people with a learning disability, professionals and supporters.

Children and young people

Information for professionals who work with or support children and young people with a learning disability. We outline the key issues and provide some good practice information about how to support the inclusion of children with a learning disability in your services.