Personalisation is a way of describing how support for vulnerable people will be provided in the future. It will affect social care services as well as other public services. The idea behind personalisation is to give people real choice and control over the support they receive, as opposed to other people deciding for them. People can choose to be involved in planning and organising their own support, or they can choose others to do it for them.

While some people will see radical changes in their lives, others will notice very little difference. It is important to state early on that change will not be imposed on anybody.

This information has been written to give an outline of what personalisation is and what it might mean for people with a learning disability, their family and carers. You can find a short explanation of important words and phrases in the ‘key words' section, at the end of this guide. You can also look for the ‘what next?' sign for things you can do.

Please note: this information refers to England and Wales. Details about personalisation in Northern Ireland will follow shortly.


What is personalisation?

The term ‘personalisation' is still new to a lot of people, and unknown to others.

How is a personalised approach different from the current system?

In most cases today, anyone who wants to access social care services will be assessed by their local authority, who will decide what support they should receive.

What does personalisation involve?

Many people think personalisation just means having direct payments or an individual budget, but it also involves:

How will it work?

In the future, people needing social care will be able to:

in Control and the seven stage model

in Control is the organisation that championed and pioneered personal budgets and self-directed approaches to organising social care.

What next for personalisation?

Because personalisation is still in its early stages, there are still many questions about how it will work in practice.

Key words

Key words relating to the personalisation process.