Accessing services

Find out more about accessing the right support services for you and your family.


Advocacy is the process of helping someone to express what they want to say.


Some parents may be interested in finding childcare services in their area, either because they are working or studying or because they would like some time to themselves.

Short breaks

Short breaks are designed for people with a learning disability and their families, to give them a break and a change from their daily routine.

Day services

Day service facilities offer a range of supported activities in the local community.

Finding a job

Finding a job that you enjoy can bring with it many benefits.


Find out more about how to access housing services for the person you care for.


Leisure is the time we spend doing the things we enjoy. It includes a wide range of different activities, from getting involved with a sports team and visiting an art gallery to reading a book.


Personalisation is a way of describing how support for vulnerable people will be provided in the future. It will affect social care services as well as other public services.