Learning Disability Coalition

 The government is not providing enough money to pay for adult social care. As a result key services such as college courses and day activities are being cut, and people with a learning disability are not getting the support they need.

The Learning Disability Coalition is a group of fourteen organisations campaigning for change. We believe that the government must provide enough funding to give people with a learning disability the same opportunities and choices in life as everyone else. We are:

  • collecting information to show that services are being cut locally
  • campaigning for better funding
  • working out what money will be needed to pay for services for people with a learning disability in the future.
Protect the frontline!

The new government has announced cuts in public spending. In response, the Learning Disability Coalition has launched ‘Protect the frontline', a campaign to hold the government to account for its promise to protect key frontline services.

Frontline services are vital for people with a learning disability, who need support for everyday activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, health, housing, learning and safety.

In the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) in October the Treasury will set out the details of the budget for the next four years.  We need your help to make sure social care budgets are protected as key frontline services.

Read the Learning Disability Coalition's report Stories from the frontline  to learn more.

Leo's story

I am 19 years old, and amongst other things I experience autism which means I need to be accompanied at all times.