Mencap Trust Company Ltd

Set up a discretionary trust

Mencap Trust Company Limited is a not-for-profit company providing a discretionary trust service to people with a learning disability and their families.

Some people choose to appoint a company rather than an individual to act as the Trustee of their trust. This is often because they do not know anyone who can act as Trustee, or because they do not want to place this responsibility on friends or family. This is also because of the knowledge and experience a trust company builds up.

How to set up a trust

If you are thinking of setting up a trust, Mencap Trust Company Limited can act as the Trustee of an individual trust that you set up with the company.

Mencap Trust Company governance

Read the short biographies of our five Trust Company Directors, who guide the Trust as unpaid volunteers.

Our partners

Three key organisations help us expertly manage each trust while keeping our charges low. Find out about our work with Investec, Deloittes and Golden Lane Housing.

Meet the team

Meet the Mencap Trust Company staff and see what they do...