Volunteering options

Volunteering offers us all a chance to be valued in our local community, to learn new skills, make new friends, have fun and can sometimes lead to paid employment.

Mencap wants to recruit volunteers to do all sorts of activities. Some opportunities will be with us and others with our local groups.

Within Mencap there are many opportunities to volunteer including:
  • Volunteering alongside people with a learning disability: even if you can offer just a little time on a regular basis, you can make a vital contribution to our work.
  • Volunteering at a National Mencap Sport event: there are a variety of events at various locations throughout the year.
  • Getting involved with fundraising: have fun, meet new people and of course raise funds for Mencap. There are lots of great events that you can take part in.
  • Mencap has many more volunteering opportunities that help to make the organisation effective and vibrant.
Volunteering for the Inspire Me programme

The Co-operative has chosen Mencap and our sister charity ENABLE Scotland as its Charity of the Year partners for 2011. The money the Co-operative aims to raise will be used to help 20,000 young people aged 16-25 with a learning disability to transform their lives through a range of volunteering, employment and community involvement opportunities over three years.  We are looking for Inspire Me workshop and progression mentor volunteers.

  • What will an Inspire Me workshop volunteer do? An Inspire Me volunteer and Mencap staff will deliver a selection of six workshops to a group of young people with a learning disability. These workshops will be delivered with partner organisations such as schools, colleges and community clubs.
  • What will a progression mentor volunteer do? The role of a progression mentor is to provide support, assistance, guidance, encouragement and inspiration to young people with a learning disability for a period of three to six months.
How do I get involved?

Search our current list of volunteering opportunities or use the links below to find out more. For further information, please call the volunteering team on 0845 1233000.


Volunteer with a Mencap local group

Mencap has hundreds of local groups across the country that affiliate to us.

Volunteers with a learning disability

Mencap believes in giving people the tools to realise their potential.

Volunteering in Northern Ireland

Volunteering offers us all a chance to be valued in our local community.