Include a gift to Mencap in your will

Help people with a learning disability

More than half of our voluntary income comes from gifts in wills, and without your generosity Mencap wouldn’t be able to help as many people with a learning disability as it does.

Among the activities that gifts in wills funds includes our campaigns and the Mencap Direct helpline.

When you are making your will, your family and friends come first. But through leaving a gift, big or small, to Mencap you can make a massive difference in helping people with a learning disability live independent and fulfilled lives. 

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How your gift can help Mencap

Find out more about how a gift in your will can make a difference or order our legacy booklet.

Types of gift

By leaving money in your will to Mencap, or naming us as one of the beneficiaries of a trust you set up, you can support people with a learning disability.

Joan’s story - a gift for the future

Joan and Ron Hammon left money to Mencap after their son Roger, who was born with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) died in his 20s.


Mencap's guide to understanding the legal language around wills, trusts and giving.