Mencap Safety Challenge

Our award-winning scheme for improving the health and safety performance of organisations.

The Mencap Safety Challenge is an award winning scheme for improving health and safety performance in organisations across the UK. By taking part in the challenge, your organisation can:

  • save money by reducing injury rates and other health and safety costs
  • motivate staff to think about health and safety
  • encourage staff to report accidents and near misses
  • show your management's commitment to a safer workplace
  • show your organisation's social responsibility to the local community
  • raise money for Mencap

This is such a fantastic scheme. Within the first four months, we have already seen improvements within our organisation.

Marketing manager, Shepherd Construction 



How does the Mencap Safety Challenge work?

Find out how your organisation can support Mencap while improving employee safety.

Why choose us?

Undertaking the Safety Challenge directly supports the work of Mencap, helping thousands live the lives they choose.

Adapting the challenge to meet your needs

You can customise the safety challenge scheme to suit your individual business objectives by setting your own challenging and achievable targets.

Our safety challenge partners

Find out about organisations already undertaking the Mencap Safety Challenge.

Mencap and National Grid

The Mencap Safety Challenge was pioneered with National Grid Transco (now National Grid) in 1999.