Real life stories

Read our real life stories told by people who have been victims of learning disability hate crime.

The stories here are just a few of the many Mencap receives. Even more cases go unreported because people are too afraid to speak out. We want that to change. We want the police to take disability hate crime as seriously as other types of crime. We want the government to live up to its promises to do more for people with a disability.

Neil's story

I used to enjoy having my own place. Independence was important to me. But one night that changed...

Di's story

I couldn’t sleep at night because I never knew what they might do.

Kelly's story

For 20 years, I have lived in fear of hate crime.

Lolly's story

Lolly was 49 years old when she died in 2008. Her death could have been avoided – she didn’t receive proper medical treatment because she had a learning disability.

Richard's story

It happened sometime last year. I was near my house, with my fiancée.