Valuing People Now

On 19 January 2009 the Department of Health published its three year strategy for learning disability services in England.

'Valuing People Now' acknowledges that learning disability services have so far struggled to deliver real change on the ground and hopes to address this issue. The strategy covers all areas of a person's life and has set some ambitious targets.

But targets count for little unless they are actually being met.

Mencap is hopeful that the government's strategy can bring about real change.  However, we also believe that a little pressure along the way will help to make sure targets are met, and any shortfalls are addressed.

That's where we need local groups to help. 

For ‘Valuing People Now' to work, local Learning Disability Partnership Boards across the country need to start springing into action. For this to happen, we need our local groups to be our eyes and ears on the ground.

We know that many of you will have contacts within your local partnership board, and some of you may even be a member of one. Now is your chance to make them work for people with a learning disability.    

Take action now!

  • Download our factsheets: We are asking all local groups to get in touch with their Learning Disability Partnership Board to ask questions and find out how they are getting on with delivering ‘Valuing People Now'.

And don't forget to share your findings with the campaigns team at

Approaching your local partnership board

The factsheets listed below give an overview of each topic addressed by 'Valuing People Now' and a set of questions you can ask your local Learning Disability Partnership Board to ma

Valuing Employment Now

Valuing People Now recognises that over the last decade there has been no progress in the employment rate of people with a learning disability.