Campaign for sports funding

Mencap's campaign for equal opportunities for athletes with a learning disability.

Since the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, events for athletes with a learning disability have been suspended from Paralympic competition. As a result, all funding for athletes with a learning disability has been withdrawn.

This means they are faced with a choice - either spend thousands of pounds to carry on training and competing or drop out of competitive sport altogether.

Mencap believes that:
  • the banmust be lifted on athletes with a learning disability competing in the Paralympic games
  • the Department for Culture, Media and Sport must work with national governing bodies to fund training and support for these athletes immediately

In my last ever competitive race I smashed the World Record for 400m freestyle. But I had to quit - I  just couldn't afford to keep paying my own way. Having to drop out of swimming when I was at my peak was so frustrating.

Chris Pugh, swimmer.

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