Our other campaigns

Find out more about Mencap's past camapigns, on issues including bullying, sports funding and support for families and carers. 

Keep safe

Mencap is fighting for the right of children and young people with a learning disability to feel safe.

Valuing People Now

Find out how your local group can help make rights a reality for people with a learning disability.

Get my vote

Our campaign to make politics accessible, to ensure people with a learning disability get their voices heard.

Don't stick it, stop it!

When someone is bullied because of their disability it is called disabilist bullying - and it wrecks lives. We believe that children and adults must act now to stop disabilist bullying.

Campaign for sports funding

Mencap's campaign for equal opportunities for athletes with a learning disability.

Stay up late

People with a learning disability have the right to Stay Up Late and have fun just like everyone else!