Be Me

Read more about the day-to-day lives of people with a learning disability and the different things they have achieved.

Be me: Leigh Campbell

My name is Leigh Campbell and I recently won an award for my role on my local partnership board.

Be me: Sara Pickard

My name is Sara Pickard and I’m 27. I’m an actor, a local community councillor and a project officer for Mencap Cymru.

Be me: Allan Sears

Doing my PADI course is the most daring thing I’ve ever done.

Be me: Amanda Platts

My name is Amanda Platts. I’m co-chair of the National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities and a passionate campaigner.

Be me: Tommy Jessop

I'm 26 and I'm an actor – I'm part of the Blue Apple Theatre company in Winchester, where I live with my family.

Be me: Michael Kendall

I'm 21 and I'm in my second year at Mencap National College at Dilston.

Be me: Karen Gray

I am an active self-advocate and campaigner. I'm involved with lots of groups, because I believe that people with a learning disability need to stand up and be counted.

Be me: Debbie Curwen

I’m a director of cleaning company A Clean Sweep – I have to make sure people get their wages and are doing their jobs properly.

Be me: Joe Mellone

My name is Guiseppe, because my parents are Italian, but everyone calls me Joe. I have an active life, and the highlight for me was reading for the Pope in Hyde Park.

Be me: Lucy Chenery

My name is Lucy and I love swimming. I hold a British record and in July I swam the Mencap Mile.

Be me: Mary Coventry

I love to write poems and stories. I get inspiration from the things I see and the people I know – like pylons, owls or friends who have passed away.

Be me: Philip Ring

I love sport, especially cricket. After waiting for 19 years, I recently became the first full MCC member with Down’s syndrome. 

Be me: Andy Kee

I am a visual artist and trainer. Often people with a learning disability have things done for them, rather than by them. But if you give support to the whole person, it's amazing what they can achieve.

Be me: Mandy Boulton Berry

I live with my husband and mother-in-law in south Wales. I recently went to Bangor University to speak to 200 psychology students