Be Me

Read more about the day-to-day lives of people with a learning disability and the different things they have achieved.

Be me: Mark Blevins

My name is Mark Blevins, I am 20 years old and I live in County Down, in Northern Ireland. At the moment, I am in a play called ‘Down’s But Not Out’.

Be me: Levi Richards

My name is Levi Richards, or Lazfar. Levi is my real name and Lazfar is my tag and alter ego. She is a wolf character who I draw and use to represent me.

Be me: Douglas Chamberlain

My name is Douglas Chamberlain. I have lots of hobbies and, recently, I was lucky enough to carry the Olympic torch through West Bromwich.

Be me: Richard Sherratt

My name is Richard Sherratt and I was a victim of hate crime, but now I help the police to stop learning disability hate crime, and I recently won an award for my work.

Be Me: Jake Millward

My name is Jake Millward. I’m a big Steps fan and I recently represented Mencap at a glitzy awards ceremony.

Be me: Mahesh Somauroo

My name is Mahesh Somauroo. I’m 48 and I work as a waiter at Flemings Hotel, near Green Park in London.

Be me: Sarah Gordy

My name is Sarah Gordy and I’m appearing in the TV programme Upstairs Downstairs.

Be me: Paul McGowan

My name is Paul McGowan and I’m a disability equality officer for Mencap in Northern Ireland.

Be me: Chris Sampson

My name is Chris Sampson and this year I want to make my mum happy and proud, and teach people Makaton.

Be me: Jamie Bolt

My name is Jamie Bolt and I am a catering assistant at the cafe at the law firm RPC (Reynolds Porter Chamberlain).

Be me: Leigh Campbell

My name is Leigh Campbell and I recently won an award for my role on my local partnership board.

Be me: Sara Pickard

My name is Sara Pickard and I’m 27. I’m an actor, a local community councillor and a project officer for Mencap Cymru.

Be me: Allan Sears

Doing my PADI course is the most daring thing I’ve ever done.

Be me: Amanda Platts

My name is Amanda Platts. I’m co-chair of the National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities and a passionate campaigner.