How we are run

Find out about how Mencap is governed

Mencap is a democratic organisation. This means all people's views are effectively heard and the needs of people with a learning disability and their families and carers are properly supported.
There are six important different groups of people who have a vital say in how Mencap is run. They are:

  • our members
  • our board of trustees
  • our staff
  • our districts
  • our regional and country committees
  • our members' national assembly

We have 6,800 committed staff working all across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These include everyone from support staff working directly with people with a learning disability in support services to staff working in other important areas such as campaigning and administrative roles. We also have many staff members with a learning disability.

Our members can influence the way Mencap works through our districts and committees. To find out more, download our governance structure flow chart (PDF).

All members of affiliated local groups, which are themselves independently run charities, are also members of Royal Mencap Society. Our individual membership and membership through local groups is currently around 50,000 people.

The board of trustees is made up of the chairman, up to seven elected trustees and up to five co-opted trustees. The trustees are responsible for ensuring that we are managed well and are operating within our policies, our budget and the law.

The members' national assembly, which is made up of all the members of the nine English regional committees, the Wales and Northern Ireland country committees and trustees, provides an opportunity for the views of our members to be heard.


President and board of trustees

Mencap's trustees are made up of parents or carers of people with a learning disability.


Find out more about the chief executive and directors of Mencap

Governance of Mencap

Mencap is a registered charity (registration number 222377) and registered company (registration number 550457).

Quality assurance

Mencap believes that every person we support has a right to expect the best possible service.