Real life stories

Read stories from other parents about their experiences of having a child with a learning disability.

Caring for two children with a learning disability

I didn't receive any tests during my pregnancy. Once my first child had received a diagnosis, I spoke to my GP and saw a professional in genetics. He told me ‘lightening doesn't strike twice.' It did.

Keeping the family together

When we found out our daughter had global developmental delay we felt devastated - protective, scared, depressed. It affected the whole family.

Adopting a child with a learning disability

We adopted our first son in August 1973, when he was 3. Our own son was born in February 1974.

Becoming a single carer

I am 79 years old, and I care for my daughter, who is 40, at home. We adopted her when she was 2 years old.

Coping with being a carer

When my son was born we knew straight away that something was wrong.

Fighting for your rights

At the time of my son's diagnosis I had no idea what a ‘disability' was, or its implications. In fact, the word ‘disability' was never even mentioned.

Finding support for older carers

I am 93 now, and I am still the main carer for my son, who is 46, and lives at home.

Getting the right support

After my first child was diagnosed with a learning disability I went to see a professional in genetics, who told me to have another child. He said lightening doesn't strike twice - it did.

Providing 24 hour care

When we found out about our daughter's learning disability we weren't aware of what it was. She has no speech and is highly dependent on others for support.