Toilet training

Toilet training a child can be a very frustrating process, especially if your child has a learning disability. These pages offer an introduction to the process, including establishing a routine, hand washing, preparing your bathroom and night time training.

There is also a list of other useful sources of information and advice for parents.

This information is also available to download as a PDF.

Getting started

The best time to start the process is when you have the right amount of time in your life, and you are feeling relatively stress free.

Developing a routine

Children will learn if they are given a routine.

Hand washing

Teach hand washing as part of the whole toileting routine.

Habit training

Some parents toilet train their children through habit.

The environment

The bathroom needs to be a calm, relaxing, structured environment in order to encourage independence and success with the complete toileting routine.

Night time

Once your child is mostly dry during the day you will be able to start night-time toilet training.

Further information and resources

Get details of other organisations and resources that can offer support on toilet training.