Find out more about how to access housing services for the person you care for: 

Helping your son or daughter decide where they will live, and who they will live with, is an important process for any parent.

There are a number of different housing options available for people with a learning disability, including:

  • living independently, with support as required
  • sharing a home with others, with regular or 24 hour support
  • living in a nursing home, where staff can provide constant support for major health needs

It is important to remember that no one type of housing is 'better' than another. Choosing a home will depend entirely on the individual and their needs - so while one person will enjoy the independence of living alone, another will need more support and decide another type of housing is more suitable for them. In some cases, parents may decide to continue caring for their son or daughter in the family home.

Find out more about some of the options available, and read other parents' stories below.

Choosing the right housing services

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a house, so it is important to do lots of research before making a decision.

Housing: later years

As someone with a learning disability gets older their needs may change.

A parent's story: finding the right place to live

My daughter is 33 years-old now, and has Downs Syndrome. She lives in a house 2 miles away from us.

A parent's story: independent living

Our son has his own council flat, and receives support 7days a week from the independent sector.